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Las Vegas Babysitters

Please don't take anything on this page as an endorsement or recommendation.  I just collected information I found on the net in an effort to be helpful.  Ultimately, I'm not responsible for your children, you are.  Thanks!

At what age can kids stay by themselves?

According to a child welfare agency in California:

Stay alone?
Possibly, for short periods.  The National SAFEKIDS campaign recommends that no child under 12 be left home alone.
Possibly (judge on a case-by-case bais), but not overnight
See considerations about leaving your child home alone from

Babysitter services

Sitter Screening
Sitter Requirements
Our Turn Excursions

 (702) 463-3730
$79/day (9am-4pm), $59/night (6-10pm)
This service picks your kids up from your hotel, and takes them to one or more special destinations (miniature golf, natural history museum, etc.), along with other parents' kids, then brings them back.  For kids 6 and up.
Nannies & Housekeepers USA

 (702) 451-0021
  4-hr. minimum
Criminal Check
Driving History
Work References
Sex Offender check
Drug Screening
Social Security  # verification
• 20+ years old
• 2+ years experience
• Verifiable references
• Legal to work in U.S.
• First Aid + CPR certified
Insured.  Four hours' notice required.  "We have been approved by the risk management departments of several of the largest hotels in the world and we act as their exclusive service."
Artsy Nannies

 (702) 448-4352
$35/hr. + $10
  3-hr minimum
National Background Check
Sex Offender Check
Social Security # verification
• 18+ years old
• 3+ years exp. in childcare
• Applicants interviewed twice, in person
• Legal to work in U.S.
• First Aid + CPR certified
Licensed, bonded, and insured. 
Nanny's & Granny's

 (702) 364-4700
  4-hour minimum
Criminal Background check
• Passed Clark County tuberculosis screening
• Most sitters are CPR-certified
• Completed child development classes
Not insured.  Home page doesn't list a phone number, just an AOL email address.  Most of their website is "Under Construction".
Criminal Background check
Sex Offender check

This is a database of local sitters, not an agency.  You browse the listings and choose a sitter yourself.  You can get a lot of info about each potential sitter from the website.  Some sitters work from their homes and can't sit for you at your hotel.

 (702) 566-1414
$10 to $30/night (!) 6:30-11:30pm
This recreation center offers a "Parents Night Out" one Saturday per month, where kids enjoy gymnastics, pizza, and a movie.  For kids 3 and up.  The kids will have more fun than staying at home with a sitter, and the price can't be beat, but it's a $31+ cab ride each way from the Strip.  $30 for the first child, and $10 for additional siblings

 Last update:  January 2011

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Gambling problem?
  1. Call the 800-522-4700 hotline or get online help
  2. See these horror stories.
  3. Know that Parkinson's drugs encourage gambling.